Friday, December 23, 2011

Rule #43

Never blog on an iPad. I am 2 autocorrects away from screaming in the middle of this teeny tiny airport. So I apologize in advance for how this post may turn out, but I didn't want to leave all you lovelies hanging for so long. Lord knows when I am reunited with my homeland, my blogging is sure to decrease.

But because I have no idea how to work this thing when it comes to Blogger, I only have access to the few pictures I have saved on the iPad. Luckily, this little gem is one of them.

Just kidding, I can't figure it out. And I thought watching all those episodes of The Big Bang Theory were making me smarter. In any event, the room I wanted to share with you is not new, but I'm still so in love with it. It's the living room of Milly's Michelle Smith, ya know, the one with the huge nun painting by Tony Scherman? Maybe I'll post the picture tonight when I get to my mommala's house. Until then, hope you're having a wonderful Christmas Eve eve or fourth night of Hanukkah or what have you.

Talk to you all soon!

Xoxo Meg

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