Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Ok, so I told you guys last week that I ventured to Furbish.

So ya know those times where you hype something up so much and you dream about how awesome it's going to be and then when you actually experience it, it's a huge let down?

This is not one of those times.

The first part is totally true; I drooled over pictures, imagined items in my house-to-be, and became overly infatuated with a pair of dalmatian chairs.
I took a little road trip to Furbish and this is what I found...

 I was initially greeted by a lovely hot pink door.
This is going to be good.
 When you first walk in, it's a little bit of sensory overload. In a great way.

Amazing foxglove wallpaper. Swoon.

Don't you just love that painting by Jenny of MFAMB?

Look at that bed in all of its splendor.
And yes, those are my chairs. MINE.

The jewelry is all lovely. I especially liked those coral necklaces on the left.

But that's the necklace I snagged. I'll show it to ya in a hot second.
There are no words.

 I love the mix of the floral granny-awesome sofa and that rug.

Black swirl chair...

Black swirl wall, done by Jamie herself.

Pillow talk. Remember those?

 Delicious bubble-gum pink sofa.

Fabric wall, hung on cute puppy butt hooks.
And those chevron chairs? Yay!

All of the above pictures were taken from Honey + Fitz, I was much too awestruck to whip out my camera.
If I hadn't just spent so much money on Christmas gifts for myself I would have gone buck wild.
As soon as I find out where we're moving in a few months, all bets are off!

Here's what I did end up with...
Mr. and Mrs. hand towels. They are so cute and perfect in our master bathroom.

And my neck-a-luss


xoxo Meg

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