Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shit People From Minnesota Say

What up to my home state!
This video makes me proud...and embarrassed...all at the same time.
Oh for cute, dontcha know???

Monday, January 23, 2012

"yeah pink, it's like red but not quite"

When I saw Erika from Urban Grace in Better Homes and Gardens, all I could focus on was her skirt.
I mean, right?

The world's most perfect pink maxi skirt is from Anthropologie, and is of course, sold out.

But then, like a fashion angel, Mackenzie from Design Darling found a look-alike from Old Navy, for a lot less monies. Which I like.

But NOW, I'm all like, hello hot pink trousers.
You shall be mine.


As much as I love Dsquared2, Mama is poor right now and needs a more budget friendly option.

That's where you come into play!

Please be my pink pant angel and find me some cheapa ones.

Many thanks!

xoxo Meg

Sunday, January 22, 2012

how amazing is this townhouse?

I keep catching myself going back and looking at the pictures of Trey and Jenny Laird's Manhattan brownstone, making mental notes of "oh, I am so copying this...I am so copying that."

Therefore, I felt the obligation to share some pictures with those of you who haven't seen it yet.

Hold on to your socks though, Jeffrey Bilhuber knocked it out of the park.
The entrance hall is graced with Gracie wallpaper (totally on purpose) and leopard rug.

Ugh, I die.
I love the mix of colors and all of the different layers of fabric.
And I always support the use of one of my most favoritest fabrics, the tiger-stripe velvet from Brunschwig & Fils.
I absolutely adore this breakfast nook.
From the Andy Warhol print of Jackie O to the check wallpaper and curtains, everything is so quirky and works perfectly together.
Ok, I actually hate the barstools, but I adore the floors in this kitchen.
The library really gets me.
I want to lick those dark, high gloss walls and then take a nap ride on that tiger-stripe chair and ottoman.
Pretty outdoor space with mirror-backed trelliswork.
Very pure and calm master bedroom, and you know I'm a sucker for canopies.

Dressing room with plaster chandie and printed linen wall covering.

Their teenager daughter's room is one of my favorites.
I love the chartreuse walls and curtains with pom-pom trim.

For their son's room, I am so diggin' the preppy masculine feel.
It definitely screams "boy" without any eyeball murderous sports theme.

Couldn't you just move right in?
I love how the color was not afraid of color or texture. It really lets their personalities shine through and that's the ultimate goal, isn't it?

What do you think of it?

xoxo Meg

Monday, January 16, 2012


I could not think of a better way to spend my day off than going to see Beauty and the Beast. 
In 3D, obviamente.

As a little child nugget, I would watch Beauty and the Beast on repeat and sing all of the songs until my momma's ears bled.

The character I am most excited to see in 3D amazingness is the most underrated character of all, Gaston.
I mean, look at that handsome hunk!
Big muscles, great singing voice, and a butt-chin? Me-ow.

And yes, I am dragging my husband to the movie as well.
He is secretly excited. Even little boys loved Disney movies.

I'm ready for my popcorn, licorice, and ICEE tummy ache!

"I use antlers in all of my decorating"

xoxo Meg

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Show Me Your Love

If you read Peppermint Bliss-and why wouldn't you?-you now know that Bailey has up'ed her cool factor because she went to boarding school with Lana Del Rey (I know, major jealous!).

In order to up my own cool factor, I'd like you to fall in love with an amazingly talented singer who I went to high school with.
Hottie boom bottie, right??

Ariana Savalas, daughter of legendary actor Telly Savalas, had me falling in love with her back when we attended our all-girls high school together. 
It was then that she recorded "Show Me Your Love" and unlike Christina Aguilera's classmates, we loved it and made her sing it whenever we had the chance.

There was no walking off the dance floor with this one.
Haters gonna hate.

Well, she just released her first single "Perfect Man" and her music video stars none other than McSteamy. Shirtless. A lot.
 Chick has skills.

My advice for Ariana?
1. I highly recommend re-releasing a little "Show Me Your Love" remix. The world is ready for some more bubble gum pop.
2. Next time, put it in Eric Dane's contract that making out is required.
3. Keep kickin' ass, girl!

Pleasure for your lovely ears. Ready, go!

xoxo Meg

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Woo Hoo for Jason Wu

It seems like my mind has been full of fashion lately,
perhaps because all I seem to be doing is shopping for clothes.
Gracias, trip to Mexico.

As ya'll know I love Target, and designer collaborations with Target even more.
Remember this madness??

Well this time around, Target has teamed up with the fabulous Jason Wu to create a small (my wallet is crying tears of joy) collection that is as cute as can be.

Here are my top 10 favorite outfits...
Pleated front peplum top in gold and pleated skirt in black
Trench coat in black

Long sleeved blouse in blush and lace-printed straight skirt in blush

Long sleeved sheer blouse in white with black ribbon and pleated canvas skirt in belize blue
Pleated sleeveless shift dress in navy dots

Sleeveless top with sheer panel in navy floral and pleated skirt in navy floral

Long sleeved pointelle sweater in red, pleated cap sleeved blouse in red, and pleated skirt in navy floral

Jersey dress in red and navy stripes

Poplin dress in navy

And my absolute favorite...
Flared dress in cream with black patent belt

Aren't they all adorable?
And the best part? Everything is under $60...poor people after the holidays (me!!!) rejoice!

I hope you aren't getting too bored with all of the fashion posts...tomorrow I will be giving you a breath of fresh air, although very similar and little copycatish of Bailey's post today. 

Happy Hump Day!

xoxo Meg

Sunday, January 8, 2012

vacation all I ever wanted

I don't know if I told you guys this, but I am taking a trip to Mexico at the end of February.
Insert happy "yay's" and terrified "I need to lose 8 el bee's" here.
Either way, I am on a wonderful mission to find the perfect beach outfits, bikinis, and cover-ups.

Ever since I saw the movie Something Borrowed (don't worry, I got it on Redbox and therefore only wasted a dollar and an hour and a half of my life on it) I have been obsessed with the white crochet shorts Kate Hudson wears.
Adorbs, right?

Well, the shorts are made by Letarte, a Maui-based label created by two sisters.
They have amazing pieces for all of your beach vay-cay activities.
Here are some of my favorites.
White crochet shorts, obviamente.

Leopard asymmetrical tunic
Perfect for grabbing lunch or shopping after relaxing on the beach.

White and navy triangle suit

Embroidered pom pom poncho
Who doesn't love a good pom pom?

I still have some more shopping to do, but making an online stop at Letarte was a must.
Sending you warm thoughts wherever you are!
Anyone else going on a mid-winter getaway?

xoxo Meg