Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'll miss you for a while...

...but not too much. Because I'll be here.
Chillin' in Vermont on Lake Champlain. Eating Ben & Jerry's, getting high on maple candy (aren't you loving these Friends references?? If you can tell me more about this scene I will be your BFF), and of course, going antiquing with my grandma.

I remember getting dragged all over the place with my grandma and momma looking at antiques and I used to hate. it. Now, I am so looking forward to leaving Mr. Wonderful at the lake with my pops and using my grandma's amazing eye to the fullest. Wish me luck!

But now to the point. I won't be chatting with you all until Monday. Boo.
Have a Happy Labor Day Lovelies!

xoxo Meg

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quote to Live By

"I would say I couldn't be in a relationship without equality, generosity, integrity, spirit, kindness and humor. And awesomeness."
-Jennifer Aniston

Yet another reason I am Team Jen. 

Hope your relationships are full of equality, generosity, integrity, spirit, kindness, humor, and most importantly, awesomeness.

Rachel and Ross 4 eva.

xoxo Meg

What My Weekend Looked Like...

In preparation for Hurricane Irene, the entire city that I live in prepared for The Apocalypse. For reals. No bottled water anywhere, businesses shut down, people driving like they were being chased by Godzilla.

Me being the hurricane expert that I am (whatup Earthquakes and Natural Disasters course in college!), calculated that I live inland enough to only get hit with high winds, heavy rain, and possibly a loss of power.

Only two of those three happened; the two boring ones; the two "Thank the Lord we stayed safe!" ones. However, Mr. Wonderful and I did prepare well for the possible loss of power by buying candles and flashlights downloading movies to his iPad so we could remain entertained. While searching for some good flicks, I look over at my manly man of a man and see this:

Ok, so obvs you can't see what he is searching, so let me help you out a bit. Mr. Wonderful was searching under the movie genre of...BROMANCE. Yeah, you heard me right. I about died laughing. He wasn't as amused and claimed "They are really good movies." Ahh, so cute. Chloe was just as surprised as I was.

Alas, we survived Irene unscathed and watched tons of bromance movies. What did you do this weekend?

xoxo Meg

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sorry if I went a little picture happy...

...but I just couldn't stop myself! If it didn't run the risk of being completely obnoxious, I would have posted the entire collection. Seriously.

kate spade new york has a bunch of new, exclusive pieces over at Neiman's, and I am head over heels.
I honestly loved each piece, but here are some of my faves. Enjoy!

Bows and Polka-dots. You can't go wrong.

I'm always a fan of an orange and zebra-print combo!

Perfect for work.
And there's also a ton of bright, springy colors.

Which I like.

Even for fall.

Hot prink and red? Yes, please!

This coat reminds me of Audrey and that shade of pink is just too much. You might catch me in this when the weather starts to turn chilly.


Does Kate Spade ever really do it wrong? No. But this time, she really, really did it right.
What do you think?

xoxo Meg

Monday, August 22, 2011

Advice Time!

Ok, so here is the sitch. I have this ottoman. This ugly ottoman. 
I want to reupholster it, but can't seem to find the perfect fabric. 

I also just got back from a nasty-mean workout with my trainer, so I may be a little light-headed and nutzo at the moment. Please help a girl out and send some advice my way! I know we're not a very talkative bunch, but let's hear it! Otherwise, I might end up with this:
Sorries to the actual owner of this ottoman.
So this is sort of what my heinous ottoman looks like:
Mine is a little different, but just as bad. Trust me.

And here are some of your fabric choices, all are Osborne and Little.

Oh, and both of these zebra print numbers were approved by Mr. Wonderful. I know, it shocked me too.

I'm all ova the place, right? I need some serious guidance.
I'm still lookin' around, but any advice or ideas would be amazeballs!

xoxo Meg

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Momma's Kool

I hate to admit this, but I am DIE-ING to see pictures from Kim Kardashian's wedding yesterday. 
Still reading? Ok, good.

So did any of you see the picture that Kim tweeted yesterday of her getting her eyebrows done? I thought to myself, "Self, you have seen that kick-ass necklace before...on yo momma!"
I mean, I always knew momma was cool, but now I know she is Kardashian Kool.


So let's play a little US Weekly game of "Who Wore it Best?"

Either way, my momma is awesome sauce and I love her!

xoxo Meg

Friday, August 19, 2011


Hey! Not too much to chat about today-Mr. Wonderful should be getting home tonight around midnight-I can't wait to see him! Just wanted to share a few videos that are too. stinkin'. cute.

Ok, I officially want another puppy!


xoxo Meg

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hey Everyone! My Thursday just got so much better because new styles of TOMS came out recently! And let me tell you, they are good. Oh. so. good. I love TOMS for three main reasons-they are super comfy, really cute, and are an extremely good cause...what more could you want?? I was definitely a TOMS skeptic at first, but I purchased my first pair a few months ago, and now I am hooked! There are tons of cute styles to choose from, my only challenge now is deciding which pair to get next!

My first pairs of stinkin' cute are these??
 Lamar Heart-Print Slip On
Calculus 101

Scottish Houndstooth

Hand Drawn Dots

Sorries for the horrible picture...check these ones out here.
Ok, and these ones aren't brand spankin' new, but I love the Alexander McQueen vibe.

I'd love to stay and chat, but I have to go order some right now. You have to be quick with these babies...awesome styles like these sell out.
Case in point, my lovely Lamars. Gone. Sad face.
See ya later alligator!

xoxo Meg

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our Wedding Part One: Getting Ready

I'm feeling a lil bummed right now guys. Mr. Wonderful has been gone for work since Monday morning and I am totally husband-sick. I miss hims. So, I've decided to share some of my most favoritest pictures from our wedding back in June 2011. I hope you enjoy!
Gold shoes. Duh.

My momma loves this one.

Ze Dress.

Writing my letter to Mr. Wonderful

Please notice the fake hair. We had tons of that junk all over the place.

This picture is so special to me because it is just me and the dress. I had tons of people by my side the entire day, so this is a rare glimpse that I am extremely thankful my photographers were able to capture.

Puttin' on ze dress.


Well, I hope you enjoyed taking a look at those. I wish all of you could have been there! I'll be back to some crazy cool post tomorrow, but look out for future wedding pictures! Oh, and if you are in need of a mad awesome photographer, check out Matt Lien. He was our wedding photographer and I can't say enough great things about him! Hope you're all having a happy day-send me some of those vibes!

xoxo Meg

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And Summer Turns to Fall...

It's about to be that time of year again. Summer is almost over and I need to start looking for a new fall bag. Thankfully, my gals and my gays over at Neiman Marcus have done some of the leg work for me, as I have been oh so busy at work. While fall might not be my most favoritest season (hello margs on the beach!), I do love fall colors as the leaves change, football (I'm very complex), sippin' hot cocoas, layering outfits, and oh yeah, a new purse. 

So I guess I'll pay it forward and share with you my faves. You're totally welcome!!

Lanvin Metallic Chain Crossbody Bag
 I have a soft spot for crossbody bags. They're like chic fanny packs!
Milly Web-Panel Satchel
 Classic and preppy.
Diane von Furstenberg Elaine Carryall
 I just can't get over this color. It's such a dreamy green.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Lucy Ostrich Embossed Satchel

Tory Burch Amanda Mini Satchel

Valentino Lacca Bon Bon Satchel
Dolce & Gabbana Miss Kristen Sequined Tote
 Who can resist sequins and gold tassels? Not this girl.
MARC by Marc Jacobs Metallic Baby Aiden Bowler

 That's metallic chocolate, people. De-lish.
Yves Saint Laurent Leopard-Print Tote
Nina Ricci Liane Fold-over Satchel
I love this dark, cotton candy pink. It would add such a girly pop to a muted fall ensemble.

Does fall mean a new handbag for you? Any one of these bags would be a wonderful addition to any girl's collection. Hope you enjoyed browsing!!

xoxo Meg