Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Red and Pink

I recently saw these Tory Burch heels and instantly I was all, "I luff them!"
 Maybe it's 'cause I have a slight obsession with the pairing of pink and red
 It's definitely not the color combo for everyone

 But it sure is for me
 Oh, and Miles Redd loves it too
Need I say more?

Ok, I'm well aware that this is a weak post.

I'm all sorts of wonk-a-doo from having a house guest last weekend and preparing for another house guest this weekend. Not that I don't love my visitors-my momma is basically my favoritest person eva and this weekend my bestie Lexie (on purpose) is coming-it's just a lot of activities for ole me.

Less neglect tomorrow.

xoxo Meg

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