Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weekend Recap

So my mommala was here for a whopping 30-ish hours, but we managed to cram a ton of fun activities into her stay. First, we had breakfast at one of the finest restaurants around, Waffle House.

And I'm not ashamed to say I eat there.
I love it.
I also appreciate the fact that they are an equal opportunity employer-teeth not required.
In all seriousness, the waffles are the heat and I could eat them all day, every day.

Next we hit up the movies to go see J. Edgar, which I thought was wonderful.
*Feel like this is turning into a food and movie review blog? Ugh, that's my awesome life!*

Anyways, with $40 of treats in hand, we watched Leo Dio and Armie Hottiepants for what seemed like 4 hours. While walking out of the movie, I declared 3 things.
1. Leo and Armie were great and will both get Oscar noms
2. The make-up was fabulous
3. J. Edgar didn't seem like that bad of a guy

So here's the deal. I got shot down on all 3 counts. 0/3 people. Not good.

Tony declared that he actually hated Armie Hottiepants' performance because when playing an old, old man he remained standing perfectly straight and his voice never changed. Small details.

The review I read as soon as we got home said that the entire movie was overshadowed by the horrible make-up that made the actors look like Mr. Potato Head. There goes my confidence in how I do my own make-up.

My moral compass must be really out of whack, as my mother was horrified that I thought J. Edgar was a stand up guy. The whole car ride home was spent with her ranting to me about how in our country, you can't just deport, fire, spy on, blackmail, and wire tap people. You can't?

For din din we went to El Cazador, which has the best Mexican food in town and margaritas flow like water.
Momma loves herself a good margarita.

We also got our nails did in between all of the eating, and overall, had a very nice visit.
I spent all of Sunday crying like a baby after she left.
No seriously, I think I frightened my husband, I was so inconsolable. She's just that cool.

But now there's no time to be sad, Bestie Lexie is coming!

xoxo Meg


  1. In high school we all went EVERY Friday morning before school + Sometimes late night in my cheerleading uniform after drinking in some parking lot + Sundays with my family. Let's just say The Waffle and I are fairly well acquainted. There's deff no shame in eating at WH where I grew up.

  2. Ugh, so jealous of you! Growing up in the ole Northern yonder, I wasn't privileged to Waffle's my favorite part of living in the South!