Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pillow Talk

Something I have been pretty fond of for a while are Jonathan Adler pillows. Actually, not just his pillows; basically everything this man touches I adore. But the pillows in particular are pretty awesome. I just think they are cute and bright and some are down right funny. 

And who doesn't love a funny pillow, honestly?

Haha. I wish.
Rawr. Loves, the lovely lion. Yes, I just named him.

So true. Just not in my world.
 I am a bit too fond of cupcakes. And champagne. And burgers and truffle fries. And margaritas.
Need I say more?

 Kissing Giraffes. Stop it.

My favorite of the bunch. The pillow is called Happy and I think it was made just for me.
Hugs. Puppies. Hamburgers. Gin. Cash. Bubbles. Cake.

And now something just as exciting to share! Have you heard of Alexandra Ferguson? I was so embarrassingly clueless to this little lady until today, but I assure you, I am already obsessed with her. 
Not only are her pillows funny, like my man Jonathan Adler, but they are made from 100% recycled plastic. As in plastic water bottles. I mean, come on people. This gal is genius.

Love this one for a bench in an entryway or mudroom. House Rules.
Bossy. But very good advice. Don't worry, I call my momma every day. And so should you.
Again, very bossy. But who doesn't need a bit of motivation every now and then?

 High school style.

 There's even a pillow just for Mr. Wonderful. He will be so happy.
 Aaaaaand one for MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Oh, I want to cuddle with this gem.

So what do ya think? Love 'em all like me?? Dying to buy the xoxo pillow for me???


xoxo Meg

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