Thursday, January 12, 2012

Show Me Your Love

If you read Peppermint Bliss-and why wouldn't you?-you now know that Bailey has up'ed her cool factor because she went to boarding school with Lana Del Rey (I know, major jealous!).

In order to up my own cool factor, I'd like you to fall in love with an amazingly talented singer who I went to high school with.
Hottie boom bottie, right??

Ariana Savalas, daughter of legendary actor Telly Savalas, had me falling in love with her back when we attended our all-girls high school together. 
It was then that she recorded "Show Me Your Love" and unlike Christina Aguilera's classmates, we loved it and made her sing it whenever we had the chance.

There was no walking off the dance floor with this one.
Haters gonna hate.

Well, she just released her first single "Perfect Man" and her music video stars none other than McSteamy. Shirtless. A lot.
 Chick has skills.

My advice for Ariana?
1. I highly recommend re-releasing a little "Show Me Your Love" remix. The world is ready for some more bubble gum pop.
2. Next time, put it in Eric Dane's contract that making out is required.
3. Keep kickin' ass, girl!

Pleasure for your lovely ears. Ready, go!

xoxo Meg

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