Monday, January 23, 2012

"yeah pink, it's like red but not quite"

When I saw Erika from Urban Grace in Better Homes and Gardens, all I could focus on was her skirt.
I mean, right?

The world's most perfect pink maxi skirt is from Anthropologie, and is of course, sold out.

But then, like a fashion angel, Mackenzie from Design Darling found a look-alike from Old Navy, for a lot less monies. Which I like.

But NOW, I'm all like, hello hot pink trousers.
You shall be mine.


As much as I love Dsquared2, Mama is poor right now and needs a more budget friendly option.

That's where you come into play!

Please be my pink pant angel and find me some cheapa ones.

Many thanks!

xoxo Meg

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