Sunday, January 8, 2012

vacation all I ever wanted

I don't know if I told you guys this, but I am taking a trip to Mexico at the end of February.
Insert happy "yay's" and terrified "I need to lose 8 el bee's" here.
Either way, I am on a wonderful mission to find the perfect beach outfits, bikinis, and cover-ups.

Ever since I saw the movie Something Borrowed (don't worry, I got it on Redbox and therefore only wasted a dollar and an hour and a half of my life on it) I have been obsessed with the white crochet shorts Kate Hudson wears.
Adorbs, right?

Well, the shorts are made by Letarte, a Maui-based label created by two sisters.
They have amazing pieces for all of your beach vay-cay activities.
Here are some of my favorites.
White crochet shorts, obviamente.

Leopard asymmetrical tunic
Perfect for grabbing lunch or shopping after relaxing on the beach.

White and navy triangle suit

Embroidered pom pom poncho
Who doesn't love a good pom pom?

I still have some more shopping to do, but making an online stop at Letarte was a must.
Sending you warm thoughts wherever you are!
Anyone else going on a mid-winter getaway?

xoxo Meg


  1. I dying for a winter get away! There's nothing more tempting than the cruise wear section of you favorite department store. My February trip will be to Montgomery, Al to be a bridesmaid... The only tan I'm getting will be sprayed on before I get there.

  2. Spray tans still count, right? And tell me about it with the cruise/resort wear junk...I don't know how I'm going to actually pay for the TRIP after buying all these clothes for it :)