Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Is everyone ready for some awesome living rooms? I think Lonny totally knocked it out of the park in terms of living rooms this issue. Some were classic and creamy, while others were bold and beautiful.

The living room that graced the cover.
I love the bubble gum pink couch paired with the printed black pillows. 

For a little more rawriness in your life, I love this eclectic living room with red lacquered walls.
(Yes, I know, it looks orange in the pictures)

And that couch is just begging to be sat on.

I'm also very fond of the side chairs in the forefront of the picture-they're doing the same bubble gum pink and printed black as the couch in the last living room.
Obsessed with the pedestal ashtray. Not for real smokes. Just for real looks.
The combination of modern and antique is pure brills.
I think the antique chairs work really well with the lucite side table and coffee table.
The lady of the house wanted to remove the original fireplace mantel, but the hubs said no way. 
I'm glad she listened!

And now, my most favoritest.

I could go on and on about this one.
Green velvet couch. Animal print pillows. Bright blue carpet. THAT WALLPAPER. That lovely peacock I spy in the back.
It all works.
Oh, times that couch by two. Wonderful.

Total home-run for Lonny...but now I'm itching for the next issue to come out!
Patience is a virtue.
Me lacks it a bit.

xoxo Meg

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