Monday, September 26, 2011

Is It Winter Yet?

You'll never, ever, hear me say that again. I love spring. I love summer. I love apple picking and sweaters in fall.

But winter?
Not so much.

We had a falling out a few years ago when I realized that -40 degrees was not a temperature I ever needed to experience.
Thanks Minnesota.

And now that I live in the south, I have grown accustomed to not needing a down parka and all the other non-attractive, but pro-chilly-temps, fashion items. I won't lie-I love tights, boots, and sweater dresses, but I can do all of that in the fall.

But then I saw this.
Um, cute. 

And these.

They make me want to go to NYC and hail a cab.

I need this set.
And for the princess in all of us.
These two sets of mittens are perfect for those chilly outdoor sporting events.
Ya know, when you need to say something to your buddies but it's too loud or you're too far away?
Either way, they are bomb.
Don't we all?

In case you forget which one's which.

My fav of the group...
Haha. I love it.

All of these lovelies are from the amazing Kate Spade. I'll be needing a few of these to make the coming winter a little more burrable.

xoxo Meg

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