Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Adele. Girl Crush.

"You know how the time flies
Only yesterday it was the time of our lives
We were born and raised in a summer haze
Bound by the surprise of our glory days"

Have I mentioned how much I love Adele?
She is one of my girl crushes. Because she is just awesome.
So awesome that I even allowed her to sing at my wedding as the bridal party walked down the aisle. Well, ya know, my DJ played it, but still, it was like she was there. 

Any girl crushes you'd like to share? No need to be shy...I have tons. 

xoxo Meg


  1. The girl is gorg. I'd like to barrow her make up artist.

  2. Agreed! Make-up artist is Maude Laceppe...let me know if you borrow her!