Saturday, October 8, 2011


For Labor Day weekend (wow, that was a long time ago...) Tony, Chloe, and I headed north to Vermont.

It was Tony's first visit to Vermont and it was so wonderful to show him a place that is very special to me. My grandma has a house on Lake Champlain that has been in her family since 1913, and as a kid, growing up in New York, I took many trips there during the summer. As I have gotten older and moved farther away, my trips have unfortunately become less frequent. I was beyond thrilled to make a trip up to Vermont this summer, as some other members of my family were making a trip up the same weekend.

My cousin Bobby "initiated" Tony into the family by making him go cliff jumping.

Can you see them up there?

Almost every member of my family has jumped from this cliff over the years.
Including yours truly. Impressed?

We also took a tour of Charlotte Village Winery, which our wine-lovin' selves enjoyed immensely.

They are a boutique winery that makes grape wines, as well as fruit wines, using only fresh Vermont fruits.

We greatly enjoyed all of the fruit wines. Of course.

And yes, I dressed up for the occasion.
That's Tony, me, and Grandma...her fav was the strawberry Riesling number, fyi.

But we mostly spent our days doing what I love best.

Just hangin' out by the lake.

See Miss Chloe there?
It was her first time seeing water and she just fell. in. luff.

You have no idea how much restraint it took for me to not post all 184 pictures I have of Chloe in the lake.
You are welcome.

I had to get a TOMS shot in there, but please note the highlarity of Tony on that tube.
It still makes me crack up.

We enjoyed hiking, tubing, softball, and various other fun activities that I have no photographic evidence of.

I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend as much as I did.
Next time I will be sure to post more timely.

xoxo Meg

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