Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sleeping with Oprah

Mr. Wonderful and I are the proud new owners of a wonderfully fantastic new king-sized mattress that we just luuuve. And I am allowed to have a strange affection for a  mattress, because it's the same one Oprah has, so we're practically the same person now. 

Anyways, while I dream of ruling the world with my bestie Ops, I often wake up freezing my ass off a little bit chilly, because Mr. Wonderful and I used to have a queen-sized bed, and are still sleeping with a queen-size comforter. The horror. I am just so very torn on which comforter set to get.

Would ya help a girl out, please? Here are my faves.

Kate Spade.

So which one is the ticket to my warm, comfy cozy sleep-coma?

xoxo Meg


  1. haha..ops. ps. go with the second one

  2. I am very fond of the second one as well, but Tony doesn't care for the bows...we shall see!

  3. tell him the bows are the best part!!