Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hey Everyone! My Thursday just got so much better because new styles of TOMS came out recently! And let me tell you, they are good. Oh. so. good. I love TOMS for three main reasons-they are super comfy, really cute, and are an extremely good cause...what more could you want?? I was definitely a TOMS skeptic at first, but I purchased my first pair a few months ago, and now I am hooked! There are tons of cute styles to choose from, my only challenge now is deciding which pair to get next!

My first pairs of stinkin' cute are these??
 Lamar Heart-Print Slip On
Calculus 101

Scottish Houndstooth

Hand Drawn Dots

Sorries for the horrible picture...check these ones out here.
Ok, and these ones aren't brand spankin' new, but I love the Alexander McQueen vibe.

I'd love to stay and chat, but I have to go order some right now. You have to be quick with these babies...awesome styles like these sell out.
Case in point, my lovely Lamars. Gone. Sad face.
See ya later alligator!

xoxo Meg

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