Monday, August 8, 2011


Have you checked out the Rachel Zoe collection? I die. Every piece is perfect for fall, and while my 5'3 bodies can't pull off some of the looks, I'd still love to try. So for all you 5'11 models in the place, you owe it to your freakishly gorgeous frames to dress 'em up like Miz Zoe does.

Short lady friendly beaded cardigan and tuxedo shorts.
Lovin' the detail on the cardigan. Must get one. Now.

Flower Power. Shift Dress.

This coat is just too chic. 
And I'm sensing a theme on these black booties. I'll take a pair of those too.

Military jackets just keep getting better and better. Thanks Zoe.

This picture doesn't seem to do these pants the redic justice they deserve. 
There are such things as high waisted pants, and then there are these bad boys. 
Please do not let me buy them. I luff them, but they would come up to my boobs. Not a pretty situation. 

 Probs my favorite piece in the collection. I can already see myself prancing and twirling around like a maniac.

Any of these looks shut it down for you? 
I happen to love them all, so look out for me in the fall looking like Zoe's not so skinny twin.

xoxo Meg

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