Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'll miss you for a while...

...but not too much. Because I'll be here.
Chillin' in Vermont on Lake Champlain. Eating Ben & Jerry's, getting high on maple candy (aren't you loving these Friends references?? If you can tell me more about this scene I will be your BFF), and of course, going antiquing with my grandma.

I remember getting dragged all over the place with my grandma and momma looking at antiques and I used to hate. it. Now, I am so looking forward to leaving Mr. Wonderful at the lake with my pops and using my grandma's amazing eye to the fullest. Wish me luck!

But now to the point. I won't be chatting with you all until Monday. Boo.
Have a Happy Labor Day Lovelies!

xoxo Meg

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